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Blaising provides maintenance, inspections, repairs, and installation of automatic fire suppression systems in commercial and residential applications.

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Keeping a check on your exit and emergency lighting bulbs and batteries is something many clients don't think about.  Blaising provides annual inspections, maintenance, and minor repair on exit and emergency lighting.

BanFire meets the most common requirements looked for by US Fire Marshals, such as NFPA 701 and Life Code 101, for drapes, curtains and other hanging fabrics and decorations. It is also effective on paper and cardboard. Also California registered for Title 19 Section 1237.1 for fabrics.Type your paragraph here.  Click Here to purchase BanFire.

Kitchen exhaust and grease containment systems must be maintained in accordance to health and fire code.  Monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual cleaning of exhaust hoods is offered by Blaising.

Blaising provides fire extinguisher maintenance, sales and installations all over the southeast for commercial applications.  We will be happy to assist you in making sure your assets are properly protected and up to fire safety equipment is up to code! 

Exit & Emergency LIghting

Some of the most realistic fire extinguisher training you'll get in a controlled setting.  Blaising offers fun fire extinguisher training and certification for commercial clients.  We offer competitive prices for priceless training. 

The Remote CO2 Storage Safety Alarm is designed to protect customers and workers near stored carbon dioxide (CO2). CO2 alarms are critical in breweries, wineries, beverage dispensing areas, restaurants, fast food establishments, dry ice storage, storage tanks, laboratories, or anywhere CO2 is stored or produced in high volume.  Blaising offers maintenance, inspections, and installation.

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Blaising provides first aid kits and supplies for vehicles, commercial, and industrial applications for our clients.

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